Air Permits Initial Review Team (APIRT)
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
12100 Park 35 Circle, MC-161
Building C, Third Floor, Room 300 W
Austin, Texas 78753

Subject: NSR Permit Renewal and Amendment Application

  • Permit No. 92403
  • Third Coast Packaging, Inc. Pearland Facility
    Drum and Tote Packaging Facility
    Pearland, Brazoria County, Texas
  • Regulated Entity Number: RN102419330
  • Customer Reference Number: CN600398150

On behalf of Third Coast Packaging, Inc. (Third Coast), TRC Environmental Corporation (TRC) hereby submits the following minor New Source Review (NSR) air quality permit application to renew and amend NSR Permit No. 92403 pursuant to 30 TAC Chapter 116, Subchapter D and Subchapter B requirements, respectively.

The subject NSR permit authorizes a drum and tote packaging facility located in Pearland, Brazoria County, Texas.

An electronic version of the application, including the Excel workbook Form PI-1 General Application (version 4.0), Excel Electronic Modeling Evaluation Workbook (EMEW) for non-SCREEN3 (version 2.3), and Appendix B – Excel Emission Calculations workbook has been submitted to TCEQ Air Permits Division via STEERS ePermits, and the appropriate permit application fee was paid electronically during the online submission.

NSR Permit Renewal and Amendment Application

To download the entire Application for Renewal and Amendment of NSR Permit No. 92403 , Click Here