Third Coast, a leading chemical contract manufacturer in the Texas Gulf Coast, is set to embark on a significant expansion of its operations in Pearland, Texas. The expansion plan includes a range of upgrades and enhancements aimed at increasing capacity and efficiency to better serve the fast-growing US Gulf Coast Chemical Industry.

Jim Clawson, CEO and Founder of Third Coast, expressed his excitement about the expansion, stating:

“Our Pearland Operations remain a cornerstone of Third Coast’s manufacturing base, and these investments will allow us to continue serving the fast-growing US Gulf Coast Chemical Industry.”

Starting in June 2024, Third Coast’s Pearland site will extend its operating hours to 7 days per week, 12 hours per day for bulk operations. This move comes in response to increased customer demand, requiring more capacity for loading, unloading, and blending activities. The expansion marks a significant step towards achieving round-the-clock operations plant-wide, building on the site’s existing 24/7 reaction chemistry operation.

To support the market demand for Gulf Coast manufacturing, Third Coast will add a 10-stage batch distillation column with a capacity of 26,000 gallons (94 MT). This carbon steel unit is scheduled to be commissioned in Q3 2024, bringing the total number of reactors on-site to ten. The addition of this distillation column will enhance Third Coast’s capabilities and further solidify its position as a key player in the chemical manufacturing industry.

In addition to the distillation column, Third Coast will begin construction on a new entrance into the facility, Gate 3, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2025. This new entrance will reduce congestion at existing entry and exit points, allowing carriers to move more efficiently through the plant. Furthermore, Third Coast will undertake a significant rail expansion within the plant’s limits, adding 40 railcar spots inside their fence line to accommodate increased demand for inbound and outbound rail movements. This expansion will increase the total number of railcars on-site to over 125.

The expansion of Third Coast’s Pearland operations underscores the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers and further establishes its position as a leading player in the chemical manufacturing industry.