Product Handling Capabilities

Third Coast has over 20 years of chemical production experience in the US Gulf Coast and abroad. We have invested and continue to invest in assets and infrastructure to ensure your products move safely and efficiently in and out of our facilities. Third Coast’s services include product handling capabilities within our gates that streamline the manufacturing process and result in cost savings to our customers.

Handling & Logistics

Third Coast offers the spectrum of services from contract manufacturing in our multi-purpose reactors, to toll blending, to contract packaging, to warehousing and shipping. We are a one-stop shop for your project needs and consider ourselves an extension of your manufacturing process. In order to service the diverse needs of our customers, Third Coast provides product handling and logistics services within our facilities and between our facilities allowing our customers to rely on Third Coast to manage their project from start to finish safely and efficiently.

Inbound Product

We can receive product via:

  • Railcars

  • Bulk Trucks

  • Iso Containers

  • Flexitanks

  • Containers for packaged goods


We can store product via:

  • Bulk Product Tanks

  • Yard Storage for Trailers & Container

  • Warehousing for Packaging Projects

  • Raw Material Warehousing for Contract Manufacturing Projects

Outbound Product Handling

We can ship product via:

  • Rail Services

  • Bulk Trucks

  • Iso Containers

  • Flexitanks

  • Containers for packaged goods

Product Handling & Logistics

Bulk Product Tanks

Third Coast has an extensive operation with more than 170+ tanks suited to store raw materials and finished goods required for your project. In order to efficiently manage your projects, Third Coast has more than 170+ bulk product tanks in service. Our tanks range in size from 1,000 to 90,000 gallons and materials of construction include carbon steel (lined and unlined), and stainless steel. Bulk product tanks typically have auto gauging, steam coils, nitrogen purge capabilities, and dedicated transfer lines and pumps. Trans-loads may be made from any bulk liquid container to the product tanks; these include railcars, bulk trucks, flexitanks, and ISO containers.

Rail Services

Serviced by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad, we receive daily switches in and out of our Pearland facility, and have on-site storage capacity of more than 80+ rail cars. Once railcars are delivered into our facility, Third Coast uses trackmobiles to position railcars for loading and unloading at designated areas allowing for minimum hold times within our facility. Once inside our facility, Third Coast can steam railcars to desired temperatures if required. Our goal is to keep your railcars moving.

Railcar Unloading

Third Coast has the capability to perform all the unloading services related to rail such as rail to truck transfers, rail access to our drumming facility, and rail to bulk tank transfers. Third Coast also has steam capabilities to heat railcars as necessary.

Railcar Loading

Product may be transferred from our bulk product tanks into railcars where it can then ship out of our facility on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad. With daily service from the BNSF, loaded railcars can ship out of our facility soon after loading.

Bulk Truck & Iso Containers

Inbound and outbound Bulk Truck and Iso Containers are unloaded and loaded by a highly trained staff. Bulk products may be offloaded into a product tank or directly through a packaging line into totes or drums. Our onsite truck weight scales allow for efficient and accurate processing of shipment paperwork for our customers.

Bulk Truck & Iso Steam Rack

Third Coast has the capacity to heat 16 Bulk Trucks and Iso Containers on our Steam Rack. Your product can come into our facility and be heated to the desired temperature to discharge product for your project. There is no need to make an extra stop for heating bulk trucks and iso containers prior to arrival at Third Coast.

Warehousing & Distribution

Third Coast offers 10 high-dock doors for daily receiving and shipping of packaged goods, including two LTL doors from 10 AM to 4 PM. Our warehouse complexes manages over 30,000 drums in our 160,000 square feet of space.

Chemicals Warehousing

To support our packaging services and warehousing needs for packaged raw materials needed for contract manufacturing projects, Third Coast offers 10 high-dock doors for daily receiving and shipping of packaged goods, including two LTL doors from 10 AM to 4 PM. Our warehouse complex manages over 30,000 drums in its 160,000 square feet of space. One-half of our warehouse is equipped to handle flammable and other hazardous materials.

Trailer Storage

Trailer storage is offered for our contract manufacturing, toll blending, trans-loading, and packaging customers. You will find that the ability and flexibility to store trailers of your empty drums, totes, or pails will expedite the packaging process and delivery of your products to the end-user. By limiting the offering of this service to only Third Coast customers we ensure you have timely access to your product, product packaging, or shipping needs.

Another similar service we offer is our “drop and swap” plan for your Iso containersand/or 20ft containers. Many of our customers take advantage of our ability to accept an empty container today, fill it with a product over the next few days, and prepare it for shipment to ensure that you meet your cutoff date at the port. This service creates a system that helps you get the most out of your pickup and delivery fleet

Interplant and Intraplant Movements

Third Coast can manage movement of product within our facility in multiple ways. Through the use of pipeline transfers, trackmobiles for railcar movements, dedicated and/or general purpose iso containers, Third Coast can move product within our facilities so our customers can benefit from multiple services inside our gates.

Additionally, Third Coast will move product from one Third Coast facility to another Third Coast facility utilizing a dedicated fleet of containers and bulk trailers allowing our customers to benefit from services at multiple facilities at a lower cost and without the burden of scheduling third party logistics for the movement of product.